Tokico - Suspension Kits - Application Guide

Tokico - Suspension Kits - Application Guide
TOKICO Advanced Handling Suspension Kits improve handling and vehicle appearance.

The kits combine either the performance HP Series non-adjustable shocks/struts, or the five-position adjustable Illumina Series shocks/struts with a matched set of performance lowering springs.

The heart of TOKICO’s HP Series is its unique piston design. A multi-stage variable-aperture valve system features precise orifice control, creating the unique flexibility and accuracy of its damping response. The oil lubricant is also specially compounded to resist breakdown and minimize viscosity change as temperatures vary. A superior performance and traction upgrade with virtually no compromise in ride quality, TOKICO’s HP Series shocks and struts are also an ideal upgrade for vehicles with lowering springs and larger, heavier aftermarket wheels.

• Acura
• Dodge
• Eagle
• Ford
• Honda
• Lexus
• Mazda
• Mercury
• Nissan
• Pontiac
• Subaru
• Toyota

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