Facilities: The Garage work shop

Most of the world just see our product selection and our participations with in the tuning community. The untold story is the value in support and service that we give our local customers. We're also a group of experienced tuners with the facilities and know how to make your vehicle everything you want it to be.

Custom fabrication, installation, repair, maintenance, we can handle it all. Full vehicle prep, stock, street, show, or race we have the ability to build it. Our facility has a multi-car bay with two lifts, a DynoMite AWD loading dyno, tire machine, a wheel alignment rack, welders, and the know how to tune your vehicle to its potential. If we don't do it, we can use our experience in the tuning community and refer you in the right direction.

Whether you just need a good oil change by someone who knows what they're doing or you're ready to build a beast, give us a call and we'll get it taken care of.

Please call the store if you need additional help.