NOS - Nitrous Bottle Subwoofer (Save 15%)

NOS - Nitrous Bottle Subwoofer (Save 15%)
The NOS-8 is designed to look just like a nitrous oxide bottle. Will fit behind your rear reclining seat. Mount this unit on to the reclining seat's rear wall. It will fool all of your friends, until you crank up "the system." Instead of making your ride faster, the NOS-8 will tickle the little hairs on the back of your neck with some ground-pounding bass. Don't let the playful appearance fool you - the NOS-8 is a serious bass machine. The NOS-8 features a vented enclosure design with a large roll, super-efficient Bazooka bass driver. Comes complete with cosmetic nozzle, braided speaker wire, and aluminum mounting kit.

Product Features:

8" High Efficiency Subwoofer

Nitrous-Oxide Bottle Appearance

Vented Enclosure

300W RMS / 600W Peak Power Handling

102 dB Sensitivity

Bazooka (NOS8) Nitrous Bottle Bass Tube, 8 inch Subwoofer, Non-Amplified
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